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Value-added Services

We can support your additional supply chain needs with our portfolio of value-added services. From modifying and assembling machines for end use to arranging the rigging and staging of machinery for transport, our skilled staff is familiar working with all types of construction, mining and agriculture products.

Customization Work
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For machines needing to be modified for specific jobs, we can customize internal and external components to meet the exact requirements.


  • Reconfigurations to meet municipal bid specifications
  • Design and installation of non-OEM options
  • Install autolube and prelube systems
  • Install Cab risers
  • Electronic and hydraulic modifications
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Our Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) services includes a careful examination of your equipment to ensure it arrives at a dealer or end customer to the exact specifications required.

Storage and Assembly
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We can store your machines at our facilities close to key RoRo ports, plants and dealer networks so you can maintain a stable inventory.


  • Short or longterm storage
  • Exercise programs for longterm storage
  • Bar coding and inventory management
  • Receipt and dispatch of machines via truck and rail

We can also assemble your machines at one of our facilities to any specifications that a dealer or end customer may require. Our skilled technicians are familiar working on a variety of different products.


  • Modifications
  • Paint touchups
  • Machine preparation
  • Export packaging
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We offer turnkey rigging solutions for extremely large and oversized machines and their components. For machines headed to dealers or jobsites, our crews can assemble and disassemble.

Our skilled rigging crews are capable of welding truck bodies, installing tailgates and liner kits.

We can also offer a variety of trailer and axle combinations for your oversized cargo to ensure it is handled as safely and efficiently as possible.